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your project or business through





You are the most amazing creative source

and you have the ability to realize anything you like.


It is not only about understanding this,

it is especially about putting this into practice.


That is why this workshop has been created;

it is a wonderful tool for you to create or

expand your own business or project,

through your own soul or source.


First you will get in alignment with your soul; your true inner being

and from this awareness you will playfully but very effectively

start feeling into and expanding your project or business.


The workshop is based on the material covered in the book

'The revolutionary manual for future business & management'.

Therefore this book will be emailed to you (Ebook version)

before the start of the workshop.


If you wish to know more before you sign up; feel free to contact us.




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16:00 - 19:30 CET (central European time)


1/2 hour break around 17:30 for quick Lunch / Dinner


check your time: go to time converter


Skype - audio & video (get skype here)


3 - 10

Included The book: 'The revolutionary manual for future business & management' in Ebook version (info here)


EUR 95,00 / $ 130,00   (plus 19% VAT for companies)

Price for book owners If you own an Ebook : EUR 80,00 / $ 110,00

If you own a Hardcopy : EUR 65,00 / $ 90,00


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