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Fernando Ruiz



Its funny...I read your book about 2 weeks ago and I read it again yesterday and something amazing happened.

I have a furniture business in Mexico and we are trying to expand to the USA. I was reading the part about sending an energetic message to all your potential clients and yesterday I gave your method a try. I did some conscious breathing and I imagined and visualized my furniture expanding.

Today in the morning I received an email from a person I contacted about 3 months ago but he hadn't replied until today. He basically wants to be our sales rep in the US so this is a huge step for us.

I dont think its a coincidence...I believe 100% in your words because Ive been reading many books on the same subject so I do believe in it; its the "doing" and practicing the tough part...but Im getting there!

Thank you for your book!!!
Elisabeth Beucher Paris I received your book and read it (twice) with great delight. aha moments, insights, and nice confirmations that make me feel stronger in my intuitive approach to business. thank you so much, i really, really like the energy of it and felt it right from the start.
Elisabeth Mayer


Ibiza It felt very good to read your book and it’s been exactly what I needed right now!!! Thank you very, very much. It is truly a wonderful book. Precise, clear, funny, easy to read and I felt the love!! Had much fun reading it. And it’s good to see all the “concepts” (for lack of a better word) we know so well written down and put into a form which helps me and I’m sure others as well to play with them more easily.

Kornelia Himmes


I am so excited about this book. It is exactly what the world needs now. Simply written and very authentic. I have already recommended it to loved ones. Everyone should read this book. Thank you for your courage to live your life and therefore to be a model for many.

Jane Edmonds



It is WONDERFUL!! It is truly a gift to have it explained so simply and so clearly. I hate wading through paragraphs of "techno-speak" and even "spirit-speak." Not the case with your book; it's very easy to understand.



The Netherlands

thank you so much for the book. I love your easy way to describe the connections.

Great :)

Brigitte Waibel



I want to congratulate you for your grandiose work! That's real New Energy in business. Thank you.

Gerlinde Heinke



It is a wonderful book. I wish you many success!!!

Birgit Junker



I have to say that your book is simply great! It is so easy to feel into it once you are living what you are writing. It is like you brought my own words, what I´ve been experiencing the last month and weeks, on paper. This book will be a success - it has to be. It is simple and clear.

Aline Van Meer



I have read your book and found it in one word amazing! It is very clear, pure` and complete. . . Realy a book that represents a portal to the new world!

A must read for everyone.  Thank you from my heart, for bringing this to Earth.

Ingrid Pflug



Ich gratuliere dir - ein wundervolles Buch. Ich habe es weiterempfohlen!