The new Era of Business & Creation






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This book has been written for the business owner at any level, from starter to CEO of a global multinational. It takes you on an adventure in which it becomes clear that each step within your business starts with you. And that you are always the basis for all opportunities coming your way.


It gives insight in how problems arise and how you can easily solve them at the roots.


It shows you a new way of management and presents you a series of new interesting tasks for you as a leader.


This book can be seen as the herald of a new era in business.An era in which the immense powers of the universe are being harnessed and where you will make the energies work for you.


You will achieve this by becoming aware of your true self (also called your soul, essence, spirit, higer self or creative source). With this awareness as a basis you are connected to all of your relations and your potential clients. And from this connection you can for example invite them to buy your product of service. It may sound far fetched, but it works. And that is what counts.


You will read this and much more in this manual for the business owner of the future.


The book is an easy reader and provides you with lots of new insights for yourself and your business.


I wish you a pleasant journey.