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The Future Business





Especially for those entrepreneurs and business people that would love to introduce the revolutionary material of the book to their people,


we developed this amazing Future Business Game



The game contains 4 important aspects
1 Our host will introduce the basic principles of business from the source to the participants

In each step of the game all participants are being inspired to feel into their own source and to compare this to the mind


Throughout the game new insights will be developed both for the business and for the participants.

These can then of course be implemented as well.

4 During a discussion the participants are able to ask questions and interact with each other on the topic.



How does the game work


- All participants (ranging from 3 to 10 persons) receive 10 units of money (we discuss the amounts before the game starts).

- The game contains 9 topics that will be discussed.

- With the start of each topic each participant places 1 unit of money in the pool. After each turn the participant that

  brought forth the most suitable answer receives the content of the pool. No suiting answer; the money remains in the

  pool. 2 or more best answers; the pool is split.

- Our host will present the participants the basics of running a business and working from the source.

- We use a game board with 9 squares that shows the progress of the game.

- At each of the 9 squares the participants will be asked to answer the source-related question of that square.

- The participant with the most money in front of him/her is the winner. He or she may now feel into the source to present a suitable opportunity or solution of any kind, for the company. When the other participants feel aligned with this proposal and they have the authority; this new source based proposal will be implemented.


And that may very well be the magnificent start of a source based organization.




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