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Explanation of your Creative Source 

So. At one point your mind hands over the steering wheel to your creative source. It says “Ok, source, you have proven yourself to be a reliable force, so you take over from here and let’s see where you are going to take us.” 

At first your mind and your source are getting to know each other. Testing each other. Checking out what they are made of. Especially the mind has a hard time doing this. Your source is just compassionately waiting for the mind to step back, so it (or actually the real you) can take over.

Once your mind trusts your source enough, the real magic can happen. See, your creative source is able to do many things at once. It works ahead and connects to many possibilities just so you can have an easy ride with lots of fun, synchronicities, expanding business and whatever else it is you wish to experience.

For example, if you set the intent of expanding your market share, a part of your creative source immediately starts surfing the sea of possibilities, making a list of everything that is possible. And


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