The new Era of Business & Creation







Table of contents

About the author
The good old times
Transitional phase
Entrance into a new era
Basic principle
Explanation of your mind
Explanation of your Creative Source
Meeting a potential client
What if I donít love my business?
Intentions versus goals
You are a prisoner
The outer world follows the inner world
Your new connection with potential clients
How to manage your employees or co workers
So what becomes your job in this new structure?
How to deal with a situation
How to expand your business
There are no mistakes
Stop identifying with situations
Responding versus reacting
Synchronicity will occur
Solidity versus fluidity
About instinct
Imagination versus affirmation

The 10 Pillars:
1 Let go of your prison
2 From mind to source
3 Questions, blocks and situations
4 The natural flow
5 Receiving
6 Expanding your business or department
7 Practice
8 Change
9 Share your vision with others
10 Evaluation

A word from me to you


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