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The Author



Simon Botman started to wake up from the mental game of duality around 1998 (the book will present you more insights about this game). From that moment onwards, he became more aware of the true nature of his being. He started to understand how humans are limiting themselves and their experiences, because of the fact that they live from the mind / mental level. Most humans are not at all aware of the grandness that they are inside.

As Simon got more in touch with his true being, he started feeling how he is connected to everything and everyone around him and how one can communicate with people (or anything else) just by being consciously aware of this connection and by feeling it. To give you an idea; lets say each person is a radio station that can receive and transmit sound waves. Now, if you connect to the radio that you are inside, then you can easily send out or receive waves to every other radio on the planet. You are connected. It is exactly like that with our true essence.

This connection is the basic for the business of the future; how do we use this, so our business can expand in an easy and fun way.

Now back to Simon; it was from this new experience of reality that he started to understand and feel that much more is possible, as soon as you start living from your true self. it is our mental thought processes that limit us and when you have the courage to go beyond them, then a complete new world with unlimited possibilities opens up for you.

He started playing with these new found insights and his expanded awareness through 2 companies which he started in 2005. These companies were completely run by the creative source within him. Simon didnít even search for the companies; they found him. Just because he opened up (to his inner radio) and allowed it to happen. That is the way our true self operates; in freedom and allowance and without interference from the mind.

As he was running his businesses, he did the same thing with his clients; he allowed them to come to him. Simply by inviting them from his creative source and by connecting with them energetically. Simon noticed that it is necessary to be connected with his true self (or radio). When he operated from his mind or mental level, it wouldnít work. From that level the energies canít flow freely and therefore not much could happen.

In 2009 he felt a new passion coming up. A passion to inspire others with his new found insights. Thus he created inspiration consultancy Free Godz, through which he now inspire businesspeople, managers, leaders, salespeople, traders and so on, to start working or playing from their creative source as well. Simon lets them experience that behind their mental reality lies an ocean full of potentials, waiting for them to be ready to receive them and play with them.

It is from his personal experiences that he has written The Revolutionary Manual For Future Business & Management. Of course the information and energy of this book is a product of his true being; his essence, that is connected to all that is.